Associate Photo Stylist

Associate Photo Stylist

POSITION SUMMARY: The Associate Photo Stylist has a critical role within the creative photo team to bring to life the product styling and beauty of our products and brands. Depending on the photo set, she will be in a support role to the Photo Stylist, or running the styling on her own set. She will have primary accountability when dual sets are running, and will own survey photoshoot styling and off-figure product prep.

She will be able to think creatively on her feet, direct hair and makeup, understand what silhouettes and accessorizing are appropriate and in-brand for each model, genre, age look and mood. This position will report to the Photo Stylist who reports to the Creative Director.



· On-set stylist for all survey photoshoots (costume, performance dancewear), ensuring merchandise is consistent with established survey photoshoot guidelines.

· Manage receipt, preparation (steaming, sample repairs) and return of survey samples to designated studio check-in and tech design locations ensuring all samples are accounted for.

· Partner with Studio team to plan and achieve survey photoshoot dates and deliverables.


· Manage pre/post organizational prep of all photo samples, accessories, shoes and tights for each photoshoot.

· Participate in more than 100+ photo shoots each year.

· Measure all models (during photoshoot visit) update new measurements in Talent/Model Roster in Shotflow.


· Check-in all photo samples from the studio check-in rack into the studio for photo.

· Organize checked-in photo samples into assigned shot list; assign HAMU, styling notes, accessory notes, and shoe & tight notes for each style.

· Plan and organize shot-list prior to each photoshoot, ensure all samples are checked-in to Shotflow, and is photo ready, steamed, accessories are coordinated accurate and complete, shoes and tights are set out for each model.


· Direct hair and makeup for each photoshoot to ensure consistent HAMU standards are met.

· Fit garments on models, utilizing pinning and fit techniques to ensure garments are styled according to Design fit/style guidelines.


· Ensure survey and photo samples are checked-out of the studio (in Shotflow) and returned to the corresponding departments.

· Move all samples back into assigned shot-list/queue if the sample has not been shot.


· Requires 2 to 5 years of styling experience, preferably in a multi-channel retail environment with a strong, integrated web and print component.

· Outstanding visual aesthetic.

· Cool under pressure and exudes a quiet, open confidence.

· Dance experience preferred (but not required).

· Able to own and garner consensus for styling direction.

· Strong organizational skills, attention to detail and accuracy.

· Undergraduate degree in fashion, merchandising or related field.

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